“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” … Stan Wawrinka as it happened!

What a tremendously inspiring match (and tournament) of Stan Wawrinka to watch! The man has always put his best tennis out there in every single match, and to be able to witness his play was such a delight.

Additionally, a great new positive playing mentality of which I must admire! I’ve come to appreciate greatly with the new quotation that was tattooed on his arm – you should never stop trying and the moment will come. And Stan the man has just proven the world just that – beaten world No. 1 and No. 2 in the same tournament, risen past his countryman Federer, taken the maiden Grand Slam trophy! His hard work paid! Some may say this final was easy on for Wawrinka – having Nadal worn in the last three matches against big opponents and injured in the final – but overall, the man does deserve this title: he held his nerve, played consistently, and gave the opponent his best weapon – punishing forehand and backhand winners!


With this victory of Stan Wawrinka, I did learn something for myself as well. Stan taught me a lesson of perseverance, of relentless effort to achieve the final goal or just to be the better of yourself. As he has humbly said during numerous interview sessions in this tournament, he was not (and should not be) much bothered by the records and statistics against his opponents – he focuses instead on his own game, his own match and how to be best in every match…. And so should I, take the mistakes and setbacks as the lessons to learn but never should let them hinder whatever is happening at the present – I should only focus on the “current match” and persist and give it my best shot to prevail! Stan has done that, he worked hard in every match this beginning of the year, not letting anything to chances and with the right circumstances, he has emerged a victor!

I would keep this quote as a reminder for me for the rest of this year to keep on working hard and persevering in every challenge faced and even if I fail, I’ll try to fail better! And who know, the next time I try it, I’ll come out a winner!


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