Cornet denied a sister clash in WTA Dubai championship!

What a performance by Alize Cornet in this semi final match! Though I didn’t watch the first set of this match, the final set was pretty exciting! And it’s always refreshing for me to see someone of an underdog-consideration rises to the challenge – though I do have much respect for Serena Williams’ wonderful game – and takes the victory, in straight set.


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After the results of the quarterfinals – no, actually just by seeing the name of Serena Williams at the beginning of the tournament – I had been pretty sure that she would take it again, easily. But then, it is women’s tennis again – many delightful surprises to expect! Nevertheless, the win from Cornet today I wouldn’t really much consider it as any shocking news – I think she’s been playing really well early on this beginning of 2014, having won the Hopman Cup and reaching the semi-final of both Paris and this tournament, even though she fell short at the Australian Grand Slam. Today shows just more evidence that she’s been improving – frustrated the world no.1 while ensuring her service games with powerful strokes and determination in returning the balls. I could feel that Ms. Williams could not keep herself calm today – seemed quite upset and disappointed in herself, perhaps she was wondering how to stay focus and hit the balls precisely! But towards the end of the second set, she looked defeated with slumped shoulders and burdened sight with disbelief and some sense of inability to turn the tide – seen that look in her defeat by Ana Ivanovic during the AO last 16. 

Well, with progress as such, I’d hope Cornet may move far and beyond in her rankings and the next Grand Slam – it’s her home tournament as well, better do well!


Post-valentine’s thought… still great to be single!

I cannot understand why many friends around me made such a fuss about that day! Except for those who are attached, the singles (and apparently labelled themselves as F.A aka Forever Alone) complained in desperation of not having any one to celebrate with. And I couldn’t comprehend that thought: why must we let such distress hinder the enjoyment of some alone time?

Many of my friends here still find getting attached to someone or being in attention of a random person a big deal to enjoy and a must-thing to have in university’s time – guys and girls alike. People seems desperate to be attached. Why couldn’t they find being single leave them to have all the time and opportunity to do just about anything that they enjoy, without being hindered by anyone (except for finding another soul with the same liking to us – but I suppose we may discover this one person while doing things to our hearts’ content!) For myself, I used to loathe this day; but I didn’t feel much difference now. Being single is actually quite liberating: while other couples are scrambling on the crowded street these days, I could relax at home and enjoy a good book accompanying with a cup of my favorite drink while playing with my dog too.

Talking about being attached, I guess the most ideal thing to do for me if I ever get together with a guy would be spending some quality at home with some good cooked food and completed with cuddling; going out should be reserved for any other day than these occasions. 




Flappy Bird, great but it should have “landed” on different land

Flappy Bird, great but it should have “landed” on different land

Even with the removal of the game on the App store across the many platforms, the game Flappy Bird still attracts plenty of attention from the media all around the world, all mystified by the strange decision by the author to take off his popular game while it’s still at its peak. Each one of them trying to investigate and explain the reasons beside all these bizarre activities surrounding this hot retro game.

To me, Flappy Bird and its creator, Dong Nguyen, may just happen to not be in the right place to flourish. As I’ve read in most newspapers and seen my friends in the tech and start-up industry here in Vietnam, these people have been pretty “lonely” in finding their own success in the market. The economic scene is, though having much progress in recent years, still much a foul place to grow indeed. 

As mentioned from the writer in the article, especially the last two points, those who want to rise to the top of their class would have to be prepared to face with the merciless critics from the public – educated and uneducated few who largely occupy the cyber space. Even though it is that “haters are gonna hate”, the intensity and frequency of this phenomenon are just worrying, and annoying sometimes as “hate-materials” like such are not much constructive in nature, but truly thoughtless and too impulsively emotional piece thrown out by the people. Even the mainstream newspapers are not very much helping as they only touch the surface – by mentioning – of this phenomenon brought about by the game, not in-depth analysis of its success.

Nonetheless, if only there are just opposing crowds, things may seem still easy to breath, but as I’ve mentioned, these people are actually very “lonely” – and in this sense, it doesn’t mean they don’t have group or friends, but the higher support from gov, supporting organizations, and the like authorities. No, the environment here is still pretty much vile to grow from. One reason, there is not much of a policy to support such a rising trend like start-up company, or in cases like Dong Nguyen, there’s no follow-up support for the man but instead he received much stress and negativity. Mainly, as I’ve observed, these start-up companies only have support from their own community – a truly very eager and active one!… and mindful start-up ventures or those business corporations that originated from the similar background! and from the officials? very little indeed.

With that one issue stemmed from the sudden success and early demise of Flappy Bird – not after a brouhaha from the public – I still feel it’s a long way for start-up in Vietnam to actually rise and have any real sustainable success not just in the country but the region and eventually international scene, unless the supportive path is cleared first!



[Sochi 2014] An inspiring performance from Russian dolly dancer Yulia Lipnitskaya!

The quality of that video wouldn’t do this girl justice, since she danced beautifully – yes danced, not just skated on the ice brink!

Her every smooth actions, those jumps and rotations and the spins, were just breath-taking! Thought not having a good understanding at the sport of skating, I could still feel that the performance she gave was one of the top.

At just 15 years of age, her performance has given me much inspiration to want to learn proper skating – as I was quite fond of figure skating for a long time, with all the flows of actions and the impeccable techniques by the skaters. And once again, bravo to the russian girl, and may she achieve so much more success with such a talent that is, to borrow from a gamer’s term, quite beyond godlike as that.

This is … yet the end of this holidays

Even though it’s officially the end of the traditional holidays (3 days of celebration and rituals), people still have one week off, in lieu… and for me, such long holidays only have averse effect – I can feel myself becoming much lazier day after day. No drive in doing anything except sleeping and slacking around in front of the tv. 

Actually I felt it was the end two days ago, after the ritual supper for the ancestors marking the transition of the old and new year. Afterwards, all that is left is resting, and eating and more sleeping and eating for the next three days, waiting for the day to get back to school and to work.

Somehow, the LNY celebration has kind of lost its feel in recent years – probably another victim to the bad economy and bad system. I realized there were fewer apricot tree dealers in the park and on the street – those who made the pre-celebration a bit more festive. There were fewer people went to purchase new stuffs – like clothing, household goods or even food and confectioneries – as well. As such, not many households would display spring flowers in the house or their porches… Even going to the pagoda – which was liberating for me before – did not make me feel any much more delightful this time, but more of a mindless thing to do… And the worshiping ritual yesterday to send the ancestors back to heaven marked the end of celebration. I fear the feel of the traditional LNY celebration is being lost year by year until whatever we do in preparation for it might become the kind of doing for the sake of having to do it to shake it off the list, but not really truly to observe and appreciate the traditions and its atmosphere…