This is … yet the end of this holidays

Even though it’s officially the end of the traditional holidays (3 days of celebration and rituals), people still have one week off, in lieu… and for me, such long holidays only have averse effect – I can feel myself becoming much lazier day after day. No drive in doing anything except sleeping and slacking around in front of the tv. 

Actually I felt it was the end two days ago, after the ritual supper for the ancestors marking the transition of the old and new year. Afterwards, all that is left is resting, and eating and more sleeping and eating for the next three days, waiting for the day to get back to school and to work.

Somehow, the LNY celebration has kind of lost its feel in recent years – probably another victim to the bad economy and bad system. I realized there were fewer apricot tree dealers in the park and on the street – those who made the pre-celebration a bit more festive. There were fewer people went to purchase new stuffs – like clothing, household goods or even food and confectioneries – as well. As such, not many households would display spring flowers in the house or their porches… Even going to the pagoda – which was liberating for me before – did not make me feel any much more delightful this time, but more of a mindless thing to do… And the worshiping ritual yesterday to send the ancestors back to heaven marked the end of celebration. I fear the feel of the traditional LNY celebration is being lost year by year until whatever we do in preparation for it might become the kind of doing for the sake of having to do it to shake it off the list, but not really truly to observe and appreciate the traditions and its atmosphere…



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