[Sochi 2014] An inspiring performance from Russian dolly dancer Yulia Lipnitskaya!

The quality of that video wouldn’t do this girl justice, since she danced beautifully – yes danced, not just skated on the ice brink!

Her every smooth actions, those jumps and rotations and the spins, were just breath-taking! Thought not having a good understanding at the sport of skating, I could still feel that the performance she gave was one of the top.

At just 15 years of age, her performance has given me much inspiration to want to learn proper skating – as I was quite fond of figure skating for a long time, with all the flows of actions and the impeccable techniques by the skaters. And once again, bravo to the russian girl, and may she achieve so much more success with such a talent that is, to borrow from a gamer’s term, quite beyond godlike as that.


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