Flappy Bird, great but it should have “landed” on different land

Flappy Bird, great but it should have “landed” on different land

Even with the removal of the game on the App store across the many platforms, the game Flappy Bird still attracts plenty of attention from the media all around the world, all mystified by the strange decision by the author to take off his popular game while it’s still at its peak. Each one of them trying to investigate and explain the reasons beside all these bizarre activities surrounding this hot retro game.

To me, Flappy Bird and its creator, Dong Nguyen, may just happen to not be in the right place to flourish. As I’ve read in most newspapers and seen my friends in the tech and start-up industry here in Vietnam, these people have been pretty “lonely” in finding their own success in the market. The economic scene is, though having much progress in recent years, still much a foul place to grow indeed. 

As mentioned from the writer in the article, especially the last two points, those who want to rise to the top of their class would have to be prepared to face with the merciless critics from the public – educated and uneducated few who largely occupy the cyber space. Even though it is that “haters are gonna hate”, the intensity and frequency of this phenomenon are just worrying, and annoying sometimes as “hate-materials” like such are not much constructive in nature, but truly thoughtless and too impulsively emotional piece thrown out by the people. Even the mainstream newspapers are not very much helping as they only touch the surface – by mentioning – of this phenomenon brought about by the game, not in-depth analysis of its success.

Nonetheless, if only there are just opposing crowds, things may seem still easy to breath, but as I’ve mentioned, these people are actually very “lonely” – and in this sense, it doesn’t mean they don’t have group or friends, but the higher support from gov, supporting organizations, and the like authorities. No, the environment here is still pretty much vile to grow from. One reason, there is not much of a policy to support such a rising trend like start-up company, or in cases like Dong Nguyen, there’s no follow-up support for the man but instead he received much stress and negativity. Mainly, as I’ve observed, these start-up companies only have support from their own community – a truly very eager and active one!… and mindful start-up ventures or those business corporations that originated from the similar background! and from the officials? very little indeed.

With that one issue stemmed from the sudden success and early demise of Flappy Bird – not after a brouhaha from the public – I still feel it’s a long way for start-up in Vietnam to actually rise and have any real sustainable success not just in the country but the region and eventually international scene, unless the supportive path is cleared first!



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