Cornet denied a sister clash in WTA Dubai championship!

What a performance by Alize Cornet in this semi final match! Though I didn’t watch the first set of this match, the final set was pretty exciting! And it’s always refreshing for me to see someone of an underdog-consideration rises to the challenge – though I do have much respect for Serena Williams’ wonderful game – and takes the victory, in straight set.


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After the results of the quarterfinals – no, actually just by seeing the name of Serena Williams at the beginning of the tournament – I had been pretty sure that she would take it again, easily. But then, it is women’s tennis again – many delightful surprises to expect! Nevertheless, the win from Cornet today I wouldn’t really much consider it as any shocking news – I think she’s been playing really well early on this beginning of 2014, having won the Hopman Cup and reaching the semi-final of both Paris and this tournament, even though she fell short at the Australian Grand Slam. Today shows just more evidence that she’s been improving – frustrated the world no.1 while ensuring her service games with powerful strokes and determination in returning the balls. I could feel that Ms. Williams could not keep herself calm today – seemed quite upset and disappointed in herself, perhaps she was wondering how to stay focus and hit the balls precisely! But towards the end of the second set, she looked defeated with slumped shoulders and burdened sight with disbelief and some sense of inability to turn the tide – seen that look in her defeat by Ana Ivanovic during the AO last 16. 

Well, with progress as such, I’d hope Cornet may move far and beyond in her rankings and the next Grand Slam – it’s her home tournament as well, better do well!


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