The other side of not having your friends in the group…

[This is going to be a rant about working in group]

The good thing about working in group with different people is you have the chance to know new people, and the chance to experience the working ethics of them.

And…that’s also exactly the bad thing about it, especially when the person who didn’t do any of the work – because he’s been too busy working for events outside and school’s works just aren’t good enough to build up his CV – talked like he had to bear the responsibility for the whole group! 

I just hate people like that. I am not against people that prioritize working outside to studying in school – maybe they’re aiming to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or so they think that student’s life must  – but when it affects other people (me, in specific), it’s not acceptable. The least he could do is to politely inform me and the rest of the group of this “mishap” and then tell everyone to help him. Instead, he went silent the entire time not even bother commenting on the task allocation, and then last minute popped up to appear to have “serious” discussion only to post a status on his own timeline complaining about every single person in the group.

When I discovered this, I was kind of angry and felt contemptuous at the same time: Angry, because of such a person who left such a burden to others while trying to appear so superior. Contemptuous, because that this person he may just think so big and so selfishly of himself, even after he had had experienced working with so many events outside and probably had been in the same situation yet still behaved so childishly; and again, I don’t quite regard highly those people who don’t discuss their matter directly with the group members, but posting on their timeline giving names to the members to blame them blatantly. During my time in uni, I’ve met two, both are of the same type: put working outside at the expense of their group members in school and eventually jeopardized not just themselves but dragging with them the results of others.


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