Leaning in

Just picked up “Lean In” from Sheryl Sandberg and skimmed through the introduction part, I’ve found that it is very inspirationally different from the other ‘feminist’ messages that have been going on for years.

The difference that I find in this book is that, it’s all about looking at different perspectives and exercising the rights flexibly. Ms. Sandberg does clearly accept that “Not all women want careers. Not all women want children. Not all women want both”. This statement reminds me to the premise put forth by the movie “Iron Jawed Angels”, which have presented the case of extreme feminists who so aggressively demand the rights for women and demand that all women should stand up to fight.

That should not be the case as Ms Sandberg states in her intro. To me, fighting for equality really should be to fight for the availability of possibility for women in order to develop themselves as they want to be – being a great businesswoman, great leader in whatever fields that previously are reserved just for men, or even just to be a great housewife – without having to suffer discrimination or harassment or belittling. It should be like creating chances and empowering women and making them aware of their own chances – it would depend on each woman to choose the suitable option for herself.

Now I’ll be ‘leaning in’ to the main content of this book, expecting more greatness and deeper insights with the issue.