Post-valentine’s thought… still great to be single!

I cannot understand why many friends around me made such a fuss about that day! Except for those who are attached, the singles (and apparently labelled themselves as F.A aka Forever Alone) complained in desperation of not having any one to celebrate with. And I couldn’t comprehend that thought: why must we let such distress hinder the enjoyment of some alone time?

Many of my friends here still find getting attached to someone or being in attention of a random person a big deal to enjoy and a must-thing to have in university’s time – guys and girls alike. People seems desperate to be attached. Why couldn’t they find being single leave them to have all the time and opportunity to do just about anything that they enjoy, without being hindered by anyone (except for finding another soul with the same liking to us – but I suppose we may discover this one person while doing things to our hearts’ content!) For myself, I used to loathe this day; but I didn’t feel much difference now. Being single is actually quite liberating: while other couples are scrambling on the crowded street these days, I could relax at home and enjoy a good book accompanying with a cup of my favorite drink while playing with my dog too.

Talking about being attached, I guess the most ideal thing to do for me if I ever get together with a guy would be spending some quality at home with some good cooked food and completed with cuddling; going out should be reserved for any other day than these occasions. 




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